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The Love Trap

I’ve been bad :( It’s mental health awareness week again and I realise I haven’t posted for ages :(( In fact while I'm kicking myself, I’ve also been eating too much sugar and I haven’t done enough exercise, the car needs washing and ... :(((( I can feel my head...

Who needs feelings anyway?

Someone once described emotions as lights on our dashboard. They indicate that something needs our attention under the hood. We can ignore the light, turn it off, even break it. We may be able to carry on for a while, maybe indefinitely limp along, but is it safe and are we the best us that we can be? The problem doesn’t go away unless we look at it.

And…how are you?

This time of year there are traditionally two strong messages circulating from all corners of society.

The Anxious Child

WARNING: the following post is NOT yet another reason to feel like a bad parent. No need to grit your teeth in anguish as you anticipate being shown yet another error in your ways. If your child is fed, deflead and relatively clean, had a real vegetable at some point...

Can you take advice from yourself?

'd like to invite you to try an exercise. It's a self-discovery exercise about the person you are in the here and now, which is done by exploring the past and future you? If you are happy to give it a try, please *don't* read through first, but...

‘Pull yourself together!’ – kinder words than you think?

Cover photo - Kelly De Lorm “Danger is when you are split three ways: Your soul goes one way, your mind goes another way and your body goes yet another way."                                                    Harbhajan Singh Yogi So I wandered into the vast community...

Are you the river or the obstacle?

t seems that I’ve been writing a lot about personal obstacles or blocks lately. In fact I've experienced several just starting this! “Maybe people will think it's boring”, “How can I get it just right?”. This week though I noticed a theme with...

Defences – are they as good as they seem?

here is question that comes up frequently in therapy from clients who have already done a great deal of work to explore themselves and understand the source(s) of their struggle: “All of this awareness of why I am the way I am, why I do the things...

What is counselling?

Here are 15 true/false statements about counselling to test your understanding. Test yourself and share your enlightened results with pride!

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